Workshops & Projects season 2020-2021 (updated)

Oct 3rd, 2020 – Just Judges project: GAME performance at the Ghent Festival, as part of the Listen to the Lamb series. Painter Jan Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece consists of 12 panels, and 12 music organisations from Ghent have been asked to dedicate a concert to one of these. GAME will work with the Just Judges panel, which has been stolen back in 1934 and is still missing.

Dec 1st-4th, 2020 – ETTG: GAME concert at Ear To The Ground festival (music centre De Bijloke)

Jan 4-5-6, 2020 – Ictus: workshop on Anthony Braxton‘s Ghost Trance Music, led by Kobe Van Cauwenberghe.

Feb 2021: workshop & performances with Andrea Mancianti, concerts in collaboration with SMOG & De Vooruit

Mar 2021: workshop with Cameron Dodds

Apr, 19th-20th, 2021: workshop with Alvin Curran

Apr, 2nd, 2021: workshop & concert with Mirela Ivicevic @ MIRY concerts

May 2021: 5 day residence in De Grote Post in Ostend (at the Belgian coast), workshop & concert with Fritz Hauser.

May, 10th-17th, 2021: P.A.R.T.S. trio’s – collaboration with dancers from the P.A.R.T.S. contemporary dance training academy

More seminars will be announced shortly !