Provisional preview to next season Sept19/June20

Workshops & Masterclasses by Malin Bang (Oct. 24-26), Frederik Croene (Dec. 2nd to 5th), Simon Steen-Andersen & Karl Naegelen

Concerts with GAME ensemble :

Collaboration with PARTS & choreographer Noé Soulier (March 23rd-April 4th)

Final program & schedules expected to be available by late June 2019 !

Upcoming entrance exam dates : July 4th & August 29th !

Please consult info & application links

GAME | Schraffur @ MIRY (Ghent)

After three days of workshop/rehearsal with the composer, GAME will perform Schraffur by Swiss composer and percussionist Fritz Hauser tonight. Fritz himself will join on stage.

20h / Zwarte Zaal / Bijloke site, Gent (B)

performers : Anna Sakham Jalving, Clara Levy, Hugo Ranilla, Sinouhé Gilot, Mar Sala Romagosa, Sara Mendez, Anne Zeuwts, Noriko Yakushiji, Kaja Farszky, Andrés Navarro García, Fritz Hauser

GAME | House of Ear @ Ear to the ground Festival (Bijloke)

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. 

Audre Lorde, poet & activist

The House of Ear is an immersive and interactive sound installation.The audience can follow a course through various rooms where different stages of sound-thinking, over sound-hearing, towards sound-listening can be perceived and investigated.  The final goal is an audience that explores their active listening. The listener will reflect on their position in the act of listening, on what physical and mental activities does she or he process, and ultimately on the paradigm of self-performance.The House of Ear is the sonic equivalence of a detox diet: a workshop of selfcaring by using your ears. Foucault’s notion of Care of the self, as well as Instagram’s cucumber slice pictures with hashtags such as #selfcare, #selfcaresunday and #metime, meet aesthetic expression.  All with a little bit of irony, but serious at the same time.  

A production by GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble) and CASC@KASK (research trajectory / Heike Langsdorf 2016-19)

Curated by David Helbich
Concept by David Helbich & Joris Blanckaert

Performers GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble): Anna Jalving, Simone Basani, Warde Ginneberge, Hugo Ranilla, Anne Zeuwts, Mar Sala Romagosa, Joanneke Jouwsma, Sara Mendez, Heike Langsdorf, Clara Lévy, Joris Blanckaert, David Helbich


tickets :
location: De Bijloke Music Centre, Ghent (B)
timing: Sat. Feb. 23, 2019, 15h, Sun. Feb. 24, 15h
this event is part of Ear to the Ground Festival #3

GAME | Wandelweiser @ SLOW(36h)

Silence transforms into marvellous sounds

In the work of the composers of the Wandelweiser Group, the focus is on sound that borders on and integrates silence. As a listener, you lose yourself in music that elevates silence to art.

Students GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble): performance
Tom De Cock & Joris Blanckaert: artistic direction



Jürg Frey (1953)
Ferne Farben (2013)
Metal, Skin, Foliage, Air (1996-2001)

Anna Sakham Jalving: violin
Clara Levy: violin
Hugo Ranilla violin and percussion
Sinouhé Gilot: cello and percussion
Mar Sala Romagosa: flute
Sara Mendez: saxophone
Pablo Paz Lopez: percussion
Elliot Harrison: percussion
Anne Zeuwts: harp
Ward Ginneberge: accordion
Maria Dominguez Perez: keyboards
Noriko Yakushiji: vocals


location: Heilige Magdalenakerk, Brughes (B)
timing: Sat. Feb. 23, 2019, 15h, Sun. Feb. 24, 15h
this event is part of SLOW(36)